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Java Programming (9 Workshops)

Java is the core language for Android and many enterprise web applications. Begin your path toward becoming a professional developer by building a solid foundation in the Java language.

    Learning Java
    Get started in Java programming. This workshop shows beginners how to write Java code and build simple Java applications.

    Java 11+ Essential Training
    Learn the fundamentals of Java Standard Edition (SE) 11 and more recent releases, so you can build your first application or start exploring the language on your own.

    Learning Java Applications
    Get a practical introduction to Java programming. Learn how to develop Java applications for desktop, web, and mobile platforms, including Android.

    Java Memory Management 
    Learn how memory works in Java. In this hands-on course, explore fundamental concepts to help you optimize your code and quickly find and fix any memory errors that still occur.

    Learning JDBC
    Learn how to manage data from relational databases such as Postgres, Oracle Database, MySQL, and SQL Server using Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) in Java programmed applications.

    Java Persistence API (JPA): 1 The Basics
    Learn how to work with the Java Persistence API (JPA), the standard for building Java enterprise applications that need to have persistent data.

    Java Persistence API (JPA): 2 Inheritance and Querying
    Learn more advanced uses of the JPA, including inheritance mapping strategies, Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL), the Criteria API, and more.

    Cloud-Native Development Using Java with Eclipse MicroProfile
    Learn to build optimized cloud-native Java applications for microservices architectures with the help of Eclipse MicroProfile.

    Nail Your Java Interview
    Review critical Java concepts-and commonly-asked interview questions-to ensure that you approach your Java interviews with confidence.

Java EE 7 (10 Workshops)

Java EE is a powerful platform for building enterprise-scale Java applications. Get the skills to work with both client- and server-side technologies as a Java EE developer. This workshop requires knowledge of Java and object-oriented programming, covered in the previous workshop.

    Learning Java Enterprise Edition
    Get an introduction to Java EE 7, the platform of choice for developing dynamic, large-scale enterprise applications.

    Java EE: JavaServer Faces JSF
    Learn how to use JavaServer Faces (JSF) to build robust, secure web apps. Discover how to set up a JSF project, build a JSF page using Facelets, and secure your JSF web app.

    Java EE: Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP)
    Learn how to build dynamic web pages using servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP).

    Java EE 7: Web Services 
    Learn how to build SOAP-based and RESTful web services in Java EE using JAX-WS and JAX-RS.

    Java EE: RESTful Service with JAX-RS 2.0
    Learn how to develop a simple RESTful web service and REST client with the Java EE JAX-RS 2.0 API.

    WebSocket Programming with Java EE
    Explore the WebSocket API in Java EE, and learn how to implement WebSocket functionality in client and server applications.

    JSON Processing with Java EE
    Discover how to use the Java EE JSON-Processing API. Learn how to use both the object model and the streaming model, how to traverse a JSON object, and much more.

    Java EE: Bean Validation
    Learn how to use one of the most useful and important Java EE APIs—Bean Validation and its reference implementation Hibernate Validator—to ensure data integrity in applications.

    Java EE 7: Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)
    Learn how to use Enterprise Java Beans to develop secure, distributed applications. This workshop covers databases, session beans, message-driven beans, servlets, testing, and more.

    Java EE: Packaging and Deploying an App
    Learn how to package and deploy Java applications. Explore three different strategies: local, cloud, and container-based deployments.

Spring Developer (9 Workshops)

Spring is a popular and fast-growing application framework and inversion-of-control (IOC) container for the Java platform. The framework's core features can be used by any Java application and are ideal for enterprise and web app development. Learn how to get started with Spring using Spring Boot to build dynamic, data-driven applications. This workshop requires basic fluency in Java, covered in our Java Programmer workshop.

    Learning Spring with Spring Boot
    Learn rapid web development at enterprise scale with Spring through the highly popular Spring Boot framework.

    Spring Boot 2.0
    Get started with Spring Boot 2.x—the popular Spring microframework—and learn how to build Java-based web applications quickly, using less code.

    Spring: Framework In Depth
    Get a comprehensive overview of Spring, the enterprise application framework and inversion-of-control container for Java.

    Creating Your First Spring Boot Microservice
    Spring-load your Java development. Learn how to use Spring Boot and Spring Data to deliver back-end microservices to consumers of RESTful APIs.

    Extending, Securing, and Dockerizing Spring Boot Microservices
    Build on your foundational knowledge of Spring. Learn how to extend, secure, and "dockerize" Spring Boot microservices, and turn them into production-ready applications.

    Spring: Spring MVC
    Get started with Spring MVC, an essential web framework for Java developers who work on enterprise-level projects.

    Spring: Spring Data 2
    Easily implement JPA-based repositories using Spring Data JPA. Learn about the Spring Data Commons JPA for object-relational mapping, querying with Spring Data, and more.

    Spring: Spring Security
    Learn how to secure your apps and services with Spring Security and extensions such as LDAP, Active Directory, OAuth, and WebFlux.

    Building Full-Stack Apps with React and Spring
    Learn how to build a full-stack app by pairing React, the popular JavaScript library for front-end development, with Spring, the full-featured back-end framework.

SQL For Data Science (6 Workshops)

SQL database skills are consistently among the most sought after in the world of data science. Master the skills needed for data science project specialists, and develop a solid foundation of knowledge for working with SQL engineers.

    SQL Basics
    Learn how to use SQL to manage your database. Explore beginner-level tutorials on creating tables, defining relationships, and manipulating strings with SQL and SQLiteStudio.

    Learning SQL Programming
    Learn the basics of SQL, the programming language for retrieving and editing data from databases such as SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL.

    SQL: Data Reporting and Analysis
    Get the data you need for analysis and reporting by writing your own SQL code. Learn how to write basic SQL queries, sort and filter data, and join results from different tables.

    Advanced SQL for Data Scientists
    This advanced course provides instruction for how to work with SQL databases. Learn how to work with relational databases, including how to find, extract, and prepare data.

    SQL Tips, Tricks, & Techniques
    12 must-have SQL techniques for data science pros—engineers, DevOps, data miners, programmers, and other systems specialists.

    Presto Essentials: Data Science
    Get up to speed with Presto, the open-source SQL query engine developed by Facebook. Learn the key concepts and how to use them to take advantage of your modern big data system.

Hadoop Data Science Stack (8 Workshops)

The ecosystem of data science tools based on the Hadoop and NoSQL stack is a crucial and growing part of the future of the industry. Data engineers need a broad knowledge of the components of this platform, and this learning path enables learners to dig in and skill up.

    Analyzing Big Data
    Learn how to use Hive to analyze large datasets and derive information from Hadoop. Learn how to work with tables, structures, aggregations, clauses, functions, and more.

    Advanced NoSQL for Data Science
    Explore the fundamentals of NoSQL. Learn the differences between NoSQL and traditional relational databases, discover how to perform common data science tasks with NoSQL, and more.

    Cloud Hadoop: Scaling Apache Spark
    Generate genuine business insights from big data. Learn to implement Apache Hadoop and Spark workflows on AWS.

    Kafka Basics
    Get up to speed with Apache Kafka, a distributed streaming platform that provides scalable, high-throughput messaging systems in place of traditional messaging systems like JMS.

    Hadoop for Data Science Tips, Tricks, & Techniques
    Get up to speed with Hadoop. Learn tips and tricks for doing data science work in this popular big data platform.

    HBase Baiscs
    Learn the basics of HBase, the Hadoop database for big data analytics. Get an understanding of the HBase architecture and basic read/write commands.

    NoSQL Data Modeling
    Get started with data modeling for NoSQL databases and learn how to work with common design patterns.

    Cassandra Data Modeling
    Learn about the architecture of Cassandra—a popular NoSQL database capable of handling large amounts of fast-changing data—and discover how to design Cassandra data models.

Ahead In Data Science (6 Workshops)

After you establish the general skills needed to work with data science projects, you’re ready to advance your skill set. Develop competency in the must-have area of statistics, as well as a well-rounded knowledge of data mining, data and information governance, open data, and the blockchain.

    Data Science Foundations: Data Mining
    Get started in data mining. Discover data mining techniques such as data reduction, clustering association analysis, and more, with data mining tools like R and Python.

    Learning Information Governance
    Get information governance training to implement an IG program at your organization. Learn fundamental IG definitions, concepts, principles, strategies, and best practices.

    Learning Data Governance
    Learn how to put a data governance program in place at your organization, to help ensure the consistent quality, availability, integrity, and usability of your data.

    Blockchain Basics
    Blockchain technology presents a disruptive new way of conducting transactions over the internet. In this course, learn what the blockchain is and what it might mean to you.

    Open Data: Unleashing Hidden Value
    Unleash the power of open data. Learn how to implement an open data program at your organization and use open data for transparency efforts, innovation, data analysis, and reporting.

    Smarter Cities: Using Data to Drive Urban Innovation
    Learn about the future of cities and how smart cities are rising to meet the challenges of rapid urban development. Discover how to start a career in urban innovation.

Data Analyst (5 Workshops)

Data analysts examine information using data analysis tools and help their teams develop insights and business strategies. You’ll need skills in math, statistics, communications, and working with tools designed to do data analytics and data visualization. Explore this high-demand career.

    Learning Data Analytics
    Learn the basics of data analytics: using data for analysis and reporting. This beginner-level data science course is for anyone who works with data.

    Data Fluency: Exploring and Describing Data
    Learn how anyone, in any industry, can speak the language of data analysis. Find out how to prepare data, explore it visually, and describe it using statistical methods.

    Learning Data Visualization
    Communicate complex ideas quickly and thoroughly with data visualization. Turn information into artwork and intrigue your audience.

    Power BI
    Get started with Power BI. Learn how to use this powerful set of business analytics tools to create and share visualizations with others in your organization.

    Learn what you need to know to analyze and display data using Tableau 2020. Discover how to leverage the software to make smarter, more data-driven decisions.

BI Specialist (7 Workshops)

Establish a conceptual understanding of business intelligence (BI) and analytics, and acquire practical, tool-based skills. These workshops covers everything from Microsoft Power BI and IBM Crystal Reports to Looker, Tableau, and Google Analytics.

    Learning Power BI Desktop
    Learn how to connect and transform your data with Power BI Desktop, the powerful data analysis and visualization software from Microsoft.

    Power BI
    Get started with Power BI. Learn how to use this powerful set of business analytics tools to create and share visualizations with others in your organization.

    Crystal Reports
    Learn how to use SAP Crystal Reports to analyze and summarize data and make better business decisions.

    Financial Forecasting with Big Data
    Quickly create financial forecasts using big data, predictive analytics, and Microsoft Excel.

    Tableau 10: Mastering Calculations
    Discover how to create useful and powerful formulas in Tableau 10, the popular analytics and visualization tool.

    Excel: Economic Analysis and Data Analytics
    Use big data to forecast economic trends. Find out how to perform regression analysis for economic forecasting using Microsoft Excel.

    Google Analytics
    Find out how your website is performing using Google Analytics. Discover how to use this leading analytics tool to track, analyze, and report on site visits and marketing goals.

Data Analytics Specialist (6 Workshops)

Get a thorough grounding in the concepts and skills needed for data analytics, including statistics, financial forecasting, data mining, predictive analytics, and meta-analysis.

    Learning Data Analytics
    Learn the basics of data analytics: using data for analysis and reporting. This beginner-level data science workshop is for anyone who works with data.

    Financial Forecasting with Big Data
    Quickly create financial forecasts using big data, predictive analytics, and Microsoft Excel.

    Elements of Predictive Analytics and Data Mining
    Learn the basics of data mining and predictive analytics. Explore a real-world project, from defining the problem to putting the solution into practice; review CRISP-DM; and more.

    Predictive Customer Analytics
    Learn about the customer life cycle and how predictive analytics can improve the customer journey. Explore using predictive analytics to identify, attract, and retain customers.

    Excel: Economic Analysis and Data Analytics
    Use big data to forecast economic trends. Find out how to perform regression analysis for economic forecasting using Microsoft Excel.

    Meta-analysis for Data Science and Business Analytics
    Enhance your understanding of meta-analysis. Learn about raw mean differences and how to convert useful outcome measures to commensurate measures of effect size.

Predictive Analytics (8 Workshops)

Predictive analytics is one of the richest disciplines within the realm of data science. As the tools and techniques for using data to predict future outcomes have evolved, business and data analysis professionals can use these workshops to stay up to date with the latest advancements.

    Machine Learning and AI Foundations: Predictive Modeling Strategy at Scale
    Scalability is one of the biggest challenges in data science. Learn how to evaluate data, choose the right algorithms, and perform predictive modeling at scale.

    Data Science on Google Cloud Platform: Exploratory Data Analytics
    Learn how to conduct exploratory data analytics on Google Cloud Platform.

    Data Science on Google Cloud Platform: Predictive Analytics
    Learn how to use Google Cloud Platform to train and deploy machine learning models for predictive analytics.

    Data Analytics for Pricing Analysts in Excel
    Learn how to use pricing analysis to maximize firm profits with scenario analysis, price optimization, and data analytics in Excel.

    Financial Forecasting with Big Data
    Quickly create financial forecasts using big data, predictive analytics, and Microsoft Excel.

    Business Analytics Foundations: Predictive, Prescriptive, and Experimental Analytics
    Learn about the stages in business analytics used to predict future events and improve decision-making: predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, and experimental analytics.

    Business Analytics Foundations: Descriptive, Exploratory, and Explanatory Analytics
    Learn about the three types of data analytics used to analyze past business performance: descriptive, exploratory, and explanatory analytics.

    Amazon Web Services: Data Analytics
    Learn about best practices, patterns, and tools for designing and implementing data analytics using AWS.