Core 3 with Azure Angular,Value,react


In forth module you’ll work with core 3 with azure angular, vue and react. After learning these technologies you’ll become a full stack developer and your worth will be upto 200k This module consists of 4 products and 1 assignment product. Detailed information about the module is given below

What You`ll Learn on This Section

    • Linux – Asp.Net Core Installation on Ubuntu LInux – Install VS Code,
    •, Yeoman h Asp.Net Core Generator
    • Linux – Create Your First Console h Web Application
    • Windows – Create Your First Console Application Project .Net CLI Windows – Create Your First
    • Web Application Project VS 2◇19 File Stucture – Project.lson, Appsettings.lson h Global.lson File Structure – Startup.CS
    • Client Side Package Managers Bower h Gulp
    • Client Side Package Management Bundleconfig.json
    • File Structure – wwwroot h MVC 6 Cheat Sheet – New .NET CLI
    • Commands h Software Installation Guide Configure Startup.cs File Dependenies Create Appsettings.json
    • Configure LaunchSettings.json Profile Install h Configure Bower h Gulp Add Application Insights Telemetry Microsoft Azure
    • C# Variables h Data Types C# – Properties h Fields C# Access Modifiers
    • C# Conditional Branching h Looping C# .Net History h C# 8.◇ Learning Objectives
    • C# 8.◇ Initialization of Auto–Properties C# 8.◇ Null Conditional Operator
    •

    • Angular h .Net Core – Modify Folder Structure h Login Component
    • Angular h .Net Core – Login Api Service Angular h .Net Core – Login Typescript Class Angular h .Net Core – Injectable Login Authentication Service
    • Angular h .Net Core – App Module Angular h .Net Core – App Component Angular h .Net Core – Recap Login Angular h .Net Core – Login Success Microsoft Azure – Create Account Microsoft Azure – Create paas web app service
    • Microsoft Azure – Azure Instance Visual Studio Cloud Explorer Microsoft Azure – Create Sql Server Database
    • Add Production Connection String to the Appsettings.json
    • Microsoft Azure – EF Migration to Azure Sql database
    • Microsoft Azure – Publish Website Microsoft Azure – App Deployed Microsoft Azure – Facebook Identifier Microsoft Azure – Facebook URL Microsoft Azure – Authentication Successful
    • Lab 2 ¦– Azure Functions. Lab 3¦– Azure storage (Blobs,Table,File and Queue). Lab 4¦– Azure Cosmos DB.
    • Lab 5¦ – Microservices h Azure Fabric in 9◇ Minutes.
    • Lab 8 ¦– Azure Queues , visibility timeouts , Peek h De–Queue.
    • Lab 12 – Microservices using Docker and Azure. Project files in the DotNet Web API Differences between a .Net Core 2.2 Web API template and .Net Core 3.◇ template Running the DotNet Core application Environment settings and using dotnet watch
    • Angular 4 + CRUD – Dashboard Service Angular 4 + CRUD – Dashboard Component
    • Creating the first Model and DataContext Creating the Database using Entity Framework migrations
    • Retrieving data from the Database Making our code asynchronous Creating the Angular application using AngularCLI
    • Adding GIT for source control Storing passwords in the Database Creating the User model
    •

    • Adding the Send Like functionality in the API
    • Retrieving the list of users liked and liked by userAdding the Send like functionality to the SPA
    • Add a private messaging system to the application
    • Creating the Message Entity and relationships
    • Adding the repository methods for the messages
    • Adding the Create Message method in the API
    • Adding the Repository methods for an Inbox, Outbox
    • Creating the Message Controller Adding the Message thread methods to the API
    • Working with the message component in the SPA
    • Designing the Inbox and Outbox template Getting the message thread in the component
    • Designing the message tab chat system Adding Query params to an Angular route Adding the send message functionality and a challenge
    • Resolving the issue with the photos Adding the Delete message functionality to the API
    • Adding the Mark as Read functionality Using NG Build and running the application from the Kestrel server
    • Angular CLI AOT Production build Installing and setting up MySQL Adding additional Database providers Dealing with migrations and multiple Database providers
    • Adding Lazy loading for our related entities Publishing to IIS
    •

    • Returning the lWT Token on successful login
    • Securing our app with Authorization Dotnet user secrets
    • Adding an authorisation policy Adding a Register Handler Testing user registration
    • Adding a Fluent Validator extension for password validation
    • Retrieving the Username from the token in the Http Context
    • Getting the currently logged in user Client side login and register
    • Creating the Typescript interfaces and Axios methods
    • Creating a Mobx user store Creating a MobX root store Creating the Login form
    • Hooking up the Login form to the API Dealing with submission errors Adding home page and NavBar user information
    • Creating a MobX common store Using Axios request interceptor to automatically send the lWT token Persisting login on refresh Adding Modals to our application
    • Adding better error messages to our form Adding a Register form
    • Displaying server validation errors in our form
    • Adding a class to join our Users and Activities
    • Updating the Create Activity handler Testing in Postman
    • Adding AutoMapper Adding AutoMapper profiles
    •

Who This Course is for

This module is for people who have made projects and capstone projects using Node, React, and Gatsby with graphql and WP


  • Projects: 4
  • Duration: 4 months
  • 1 Assignments
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